High Protection In Clinical Care Settings

High protection reusable PAPR systems. Compact and lightweight. Few parts and readily cleaned, disinfected and sterilised. Sustainable and comfortable.


Metal & Welding

High protection reusable PAPR systems that are robust and reliable. Compact, fast to don, and free of hoses and belts.

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High Protection Against Silica

High level PAPR protection that provides robust and reliable assurance for your health. Compact, fast to don and free of hoses and belts. Click and go.

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Pharmaceutical and Laboratory

The next generation light weight PAPR system. Compatible with cleaning, disinfecting and sterilisation methods. Sustainable and comfortable.

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Intrinsically Safe PAPR

Intrinsically safe PAPR system: UL, CSA, ATEX, IECEX. High protection, long run time, fast charging. Compact and light weight. Easy to use and carry for long shifts

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About CleanSpace

A Revolution In Respiratory Protection

CleanSpace is a Sydney-based designer and manufacturer of respiratory protection equipment for healthcare and industrial applications, founded by a team of biomedical engineers with experience in respiratory medicine devices. CleanSpace is passionate about continually improving health outcomes, workplace safety and standards of care. In the last 20 years, technology has driven unprecedented advances in medical equipment and transformed people’s health. We have brought this to personal respiratory protection. The Company continues to invest in research and development programs resulting in differentiated design and approved products that provide compelling employer and user benefits, namely, higher protection with improved compliance and productivity. CleanSpace Respirators are a true game changer, changing the way people on the front lines think about respiratory protection.

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All CleanSpace Respirators have up to 2-3 Years Warranty