CleanSpace has a range of approved filters including high efficiency HEPA filters (for particulate/dust) and combination filters for organic, inorganic, solvents, ammonia and sulphur dioxide (boiling point >65C) gas and vapour hazards. CleanSpace respirator filters are tested and approved to 99.97% filtration efficiency and suitable for protection against silica as well as biological pathogens. Along with our multi-gas filters (A, ABE, ABEK), CleanSpace recently launched Ax filter suitable for gases produced by solvents with a boiling point ≤65 °C such as acetone, butane, methanol, vinyl chloride and methyl bromide. Review our filter guide for more information. Regional Filter Approvals: CleanSpace offers a NIOSH approved nuisance odor filter only for the US. CleanSpace multi-gas filters are available for UK, Europe and Australia/NZ (excluding USA).


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All CleanSpace Respirators have up to 2-3 Years Warranty